澳洲大學 Monash University 將舉辦 STEAM 學科的講座。

澳洲的 Monash University,是澳洲八大名校成員,全球排名第60名*,為全球首1% 的知名大學,不少學科排名位於全球前列,藥理及藥劑學系排名第2位+,護理學排名第18位+。 大學曾經連續多年評為“畢業生最受雇主青睞”的大學之一#,畢業生十分受僱主歡迎,大學亦十分重視課程實踐,培育學生實際技能,從而提升學生競爭力。

主題:Why does STEAM [Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics] matter?

In the face of unprecedented technological advancement, new industrial revolution driven by digital disruption and uncertain global times, all tiers of the education sector and industry need to work together to ensure future graduates are equipped with the skill sets to survive and prosper.

Discover why Monash is the youngest University in the Top 100 universities in the World today and a pioneer in this area.

This open panel forum hosted by expert speakers will debate key insights such as:

  • Why is Mathematics so important?
  • The role of women in STEAM, community, industry and education sectors
  • Future proofing your education selection
  • Why interdisciplinary study is important
  • What insights can industry leaders give?
  • DATE: Tuesday 17 April 2018
  • TIME: 7pm - 9pm
  • LOCATION: The Landmark, Mandarin Oriental 15 Queen's Road, Central, Hong Kong


  • Ms Sunny Yang:Associate Vice President, Student Recruitment and Admissions (facilitator)
  • Prof Rob Brooks:Acting Dean, Faculty of Business and Economics
  • Dr Campbell Wilson:Associate Dean (International) ,Faculty of Information Technology
  • Dr Susie Ho:Lecturer - Senior Zoology, School of Biological Sciences



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  • + QS University Rankings by Subject 2017
  • # Global Employability Rankings, 2011–2015, New York Times