學生 Chloe Yeung 入讀新西蘭中學 Tauranga Girls' College,
選修科: Calculus, English, Food and Nutrition, Biology, Business
中學畢業後升讀加拿大多倫多大學 University of Toronto (Bachelor of Social Science)

我叫 Chloe。Tauranga Girls’College 是一間很好的學校,學校有專門International Student 而設的International Departmant,內有廚房及休息室給International Student使用,亦協助我們解決我們的問題。 另外學校亦有很多不同的活動讓學生參與,不論在學術,體育或藝術方面都給予了同學發展的機會。我很喜歡這間學校,亦很享受在這讀書的生活。

Hello, my name is Chloe. I have been studying in Tauranga Girls College since 2015. This is a great school, there are lots of good facilities, such as a thermostatic swimming pool, a big field and awesome gyms. Besides, the school organizes different sports team (e.g. underwater hockey, rugby, volleyball, netball etc.) and music groups (e.g. Symphonic Band, Percussion Ensemble, Big Band, Chamber Group etc.) which provides a lot of opportunities for students to develop their abilities and build up their interests in different aspects. Moreover, teachers and students are all helpful and kind to international students, they are willing to provide help to us both academically and socially.

New Zealand is a great place to study aboard as it is a multi-cultural country, and the people accept all races and their cultures. The climate here is absolutely great for people who enjoy outdoor or water activities, New Zealand has no natural predators or dangerous insects and makes it a unique place to be. New Zealand has great opportunities to see and learn the Maori culture that is exclusive to this part of the world. The Maori culture/people are very open and friendly with very interesting arts and crafts and history.