學生 Jacky Li 入讀澳洲中學 Ipswich Grammar School,
選修科目:Physics, Chemistry, Mathematic C, Mathematic B, English and Chinese
Jacky Li 考獲 OP1 成績

My career goal is to be a lawyer (barrister or solicitor). So I want to do a Law Degree in university.

The education system in Queensland is very different from Hong Kong, they will not just depend on one test, HKDSE to decide whether you can get into the university or not. Instead, its more depends on the daily academic result at school, by doing the assignments or tests at school, which has a system called Overall Position (OP).

The AAS consultant gave a lot advice for studying overseas, and did many research in different schools in Queensland when I was considering what school should I choose. They also helped with the preparation (i.e. visa, applications, a list of what we need overseas) before I went to Australia. They also care about you, even though you already went overseas, and still try to do their best they can, as a guide leading to your wanted pathway.

The difference between the education culture of Hong Kong and Australia is that, students in Australia are very concentrate in class, they willing to listen to every words that the teacher says, and they very interactive with the teachers in class. In Australia, they tend to let the student to develop their critical thinking skills, other than just learn from the book. So that's why they allowed the students to bring their laptop to school, because they can go online and search the things they want immediately, don't have to wait until they get back home. Also, the schools will give the assignments (i.e. science report) other than doing a test to examine students.

With the helps from other international students and the teachers, but mostly because of my optimistic and talkative personality. I started to make many friends at school, and not feeling alone at school. Do not be afraid to ask for help, don't be shy to talk to the local students, and try to immerge and understand the western culture. Because that would be easier to get used to a new environment.

I feel great to be a boarder in Ipswich Grammar School. I really enjoy the family spirit that it has in the boarding house, boys and the teachers looking care of after each other and they are willing to give you a hand when you struggle. Boarding in here, you will have a lot of time staying with your mates, and that's where the brotherhood started from. Not even in the boarding community, at school we all like the brothers. As this is a boy's school, so the relationship between every student is very close and good. So I am really proud to be part of the Ipswich Grammar and the vice boarding captain of Ipswich Grammar.