學生 Ng Tze Lok 入讀新西蘭中學 Westlake Boys' High School,
12、13 年級的選修科目:Mathematic (Calculus), Mathematics (Statistics), Economics, Accounting, Geography, Chinese
中學畢業後升讀: 奧克蘭大學 The University of Auckland (Bachelor of Business)

Hi, my name is Ronald. I studied Year 12 & 13 at Westlake Boys’ High School (WBHS) in North Shore, Auckland, New Zealand.

North Shore is a large suburban area located at the North of Auckland City. North Shore is a great place to live, work and play. WBHS academic results are excellent and amongst the best in the country. The School offers an outstanding learning environment to international students. The School provides a range of opportunities to students, inside and outside of the classroom, the School will help us to discover the passion and fulfill our potential. After 2 Years of study in WBHS, I attended the University of Auckland and graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce. Currently working in the compliance department at one of the largest global bank (HSBC) in Hong Kong.