學生 Nigel Tse 入讀澳洲中學 The Southport School,
考獲 OP1 成績

I started studying at The Southport School in 2014, living at Thorold House as a year-9 student. Boarding had taught me how to live as a close community that could not been found at school life. Having lived at Thorold for some time, I felt the established brotherhood among everyone. There was invaluable trust among boarders.

Thorold also provided me with a friendly competition partner in academic and sports. In the first year, we won an award in a Robotics Competition which organized by Griffith University. By my end time in TSS, I had met many lifelong friends and this friendship would be unlikely to break.

The friendly competition environment at TSS had also enabled me to achieve more than I thought. I am confident the all young men coming to TSS will achieve more than they expect.