學生 Stacey Chow 入讀新西蘭中學 Waikato Diocesan School for Girls,
選修科: English, Maths, Science, Social Studies, PE, Food Techonology

I am Stacey Chow, a year 10 international student (2017) studying at Waikato Diocesan School for Girls. Now, I am studying 5 main subjects (English, Maths, Science, Social Studies and PE) and Food Technology is my optional subject. This subject is very new to me and it is very interesting. I join tennis club and have training every Monday morning. Every Tuesday, I also learn playing piano in tutor class. In these two months, I really enjoy my school life in Dio. I feel very relax and enjoy studying and learning here. In this school, no one will tell you when you need to study, to play, to do anything. So, time management is very important. I learn how to plan and schedule my work and my time to play during these two months. The teachers are very kind and helpful. If you have any problem, just ask, they are always willing to give you a hand. The schoolmates are very kind and initiative too. They like to play with us and share us some local cultures. I also a boarder in Dio. I learn how to make friends with my roommates, tidy up my little world, wash my clothes, keep my room clean and tidy. I learn to be more independent. Sometimes, my dome teacher will bring us for lunch in Chinese restaurant. I missed dim sum very much. Sometimes, I will go to homestay during the exeat leave. The homestay family is very kind. Last time, they brought me to Hamilton Balloon Festival. I was very excited and that was my first time seeing so many big balloons! In New Zealand, I experience the education and life culture that are very different from Hong Kong. Most of my time in Hong Kong is doing homework, studying and only have a little time to play……But in New Zealand, I really enjoy studying, learning, making friends, playing tennis and relaxing. I also feel very excited because I have never seen a school as big as Dio in Hong Kong. Dio is a very good place to learn, to study and enjoy your school life. I feel very lucky that I made a good choice and have a chance studying in Dio. Dio makes me change.
Come and join us! You will find taking a big step forward and explore more! Nice to meet you in near future! I would like to thank you AAS Ms Koey Law for introducing Dio to me. It is a very good and suitable place for me to study!