學生 Charlotte Chow 入讀澳洲中學 St Michael’s Collegiate School,

I am Charlotte Chow, a current student of the St Michael’s Collegiate School(Tasmania). I have been studying here since 2017.

There are many schools here, and Collegiate is one of the top girl’s schools. The school core value is to turn us into a wonderful and proper woman in the future. On the first day of school, teachers and some other classmates guided me to different locations and classrooms. Though I was totally new to this family, the teachers and students were willing to help me. A lot of students showed their friendliness and kindness to me. They appreciate one another by praising them frequently.

In year 9, I chose Mathematics, Geography, Science, English, Religion and Health as my main subjects. We went to running tracks and run together as a whole class during health class. In Mathematics class, we sometimes played games if we had some spare time after class. We watched different kinds of video to learn more about the topic we are learning in geography. We did many experiments to deepen our understanding of the chapter for science. We discussed essays, advertisement, books, and short stories in English and also learnt about different world religions.

In addition, we had to choose three elective subjects as well. So I chose design in textiles, curriculum support, EAL, STEM, graphic design. I also joined the Symphonic Band and play the Trumpet there.

We also have 4 camps a year. The most unforgettable camp for me is the third camp. We boarded a ship and stayed on the ship for 7 days. We learnt how to pilot the ship and helped with the cooking. It was really fun. We released the sail during daytime and folded them up during the night. We also looked at the stars during the night.

This camp increases my courage and conquers my fear of heights. Teamwork is very important as well. Without teamwork, we cannot cook, clean and solve problems together. From this camp, I learnt that living on a boat isn't that easy. You need to be independent and offer help to others if needed.

The boarding house is really a warm family. In the boarding house, the year 11 and 12 students have their own rooms and the year 5 to 10 girls have to share rooms with others. We held different activities together during Christmas and weekends. I make many friends in there, and the year 11 and 12 are very caring and kind to the Youngers. We do Prep in the tea rooms under the boarding house and eat dinner together in the dining room. The food that the boarding house serve are very wonderful, we can even cook our own breakfast and lunch during Saturday and Sunday. we get a cooking day once a month, which we can buy food within 10 dollars and cook and eat together with other boarders.

Living in the boarding house was a great challenge for me at first. Later, with the help of others, I am able to manage it. Learning to take care of yourself is quite challenging. You need to do your own washing and wake up on you own. All these daily tasks drive me to grow more independent after a year.

As the school is located near the town, there is a cinema and a sushi shop nearby. You just need to walk for ten minutes then you can go shopping’s in malls or other shops, such as the supermarket.

As you can see, I love this school very much. This school gave me a lot of opportunities to participate in different activities and widen my horizon a lot in the past year. My friends and teachers are all very caring. We can achieve our dreams not only by ourselves but also by the support of others, so that teamwork is incredibly powerful.