Brian 曾於新西蘭男子中學 Tauranga Boys' College(TBC)就讀,現於香港大學就讀社會工作及社會行政學士課程,在新西蘭留學經歷讓他增強自信,更為未來學習打好根基。

要適應新的學習和生活環境從來不容易,艱辛的過程未必可用文字完全交代,Brian 剛到埗時面對不少困難:學習以前沒有根基的新科目、全英語授課、害怕用粗陋的英文與人溝通...等,同樣亦是每個留學生都可能面對的挑戰。

St. Paul's School

新西蘭中學一直以緊貼每個學生學習和成長見稱,TBC 導師一直給予 Brian 充足的支援,尤其於未適應外國口音的初期。上課遇到不明白時,耐心的導師更會活用簡單的單字和表達方式解釋。

寄宿家庭的支持亦對 Brian 的適應不可或決,Brian 的 Host Mum 曾是 TBC 的英文導師,每日的溝通對 Brian 提昇英語能力十分重要;Host Dad 則經常烹調佳餚,更會買小禮物鼓勵 Brian!

St. Paul's School

最終 Brian 於 NCEA Level 3 考試中 80 個學分考獲 Excellence 的優異成績,成功入讀世界排名前列的香港大學,更於 2023 年榮獲香港十大傑出大學生。Brian 認為 TBC 培養了自己多方面的成長,除了著重學術成續,亦提供學習實用技能的機會,如學習商科時,不只專注理論,更會教你撰寫 Business Proposal 或創業所需的 Funding Proposal,Brian 於 TBC 充足的支援下嘗試經營與年輕藝術家合作的公司,並獲得了 Mike Pero 的企業家獎!豐富及難忘的學習經歷讓 Brian 極力推薦 Tauranga Boys' College 及新西蘭升中!

Brian 的學生分享:

Hello, I am Brian, the awardee of the Hong Kong 10 Outstanding University Students 2023. I studied at Tauranga Boys College (TBC) in New Zealand before returning to Hong Kong to pursue higher education. During my time there, I laid my foundation and gained self-confidence. When I first went to New Zealand, I felt very confused. At TBC, I learnt a lot of new subjects that I had not learnt before. It was quite difficult for me because I didn't have any foundation in these subjects and I am not a native English speaker. I felt inferior compared to the locals. I felt scared when I had to study these subjects in English. At first, I couldn't even understand what the teachers were saying. I couldn't understand their accents, which made me confused.

Fortunately, I got good teachers who would spend time with me and help me understand the main points. For example, in my psychology class, whenever I couldn't understand any of the points, my teacher was always willing to take the time to explain them to me. He would try to explain in simple words and phrases to make it easier for me to understand. My host parents also helped me a lot. My host mum used to be an English teacher at TBC, so she is very good at teaching English. Luckily, whenever I talk to her, she teaches me new vocabulary and corrects my grammar mistakes. She helps me improve my English every day. My host father has also been very supportive. He often buys things to encourage me. He is also a good cook. He cooked really well and I enjoyed it a lot. With everyone's support, encouragement and hard work, I finally achieved over 80 excellent credits in the NCEA LV3 exam. It's a pretty good result that confirms all my hard work. I feel quite happy about it because it shows that I have lived up to the people who helped me.

In addition to academic success, TBC offered many practical skills and opportunities. For example, the Business course would really teach you how to write a business proposal, and if you really want to experience what it's like to run a business, the teacher would guide you through writing a funding proposal. In such a supportive environment, I was able to run my company, a social enterprise that works with young artists, supporting them to further their development in the arts. With this innovative idea and the company's proven track record, I was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2020. TBC has nurtured me in many ways and helped me develop. I am delighted to have received my secondary education at TBC. I highly recommend anyone interested in studying in New Zealand to consider studying at this lovely school.