學生 Richelia Yu 入讀新西蘭中學 Nga Tawa Diocesan School,
中學畢業後升讀: 新南威爾斯大學 The University of New South Wales (Bachelor of Aviation - Flying stream)


Hi, I am Richelia Yu, an international student from Hong Kong. I studied in Nga Tawa in 2016. I chose Physics, Chemistry and Chinese as my self-study subjects. I mainly focused on instrumental practices after school, and sometimes we had compulsory sports. I joined Softball for winter sports and Badminton as my summer sports.

Nga Tawa provides a lot of opportunities for me to perform on stage for music. The exposure that I have earned in music was invaluable and fruitful.

I got to know many friends and spent most of my boarding life with them. We had plenty of activities during weekends so that we would not get bored. Teachers there are always helpful and caring. Nga Tawa provides a brilliant environment and unremitting support for studying and a place for students to meet friends from all around the world.

Due to my dream to take up commercial pilot as my dream job, I took a week off in my final year of high school to join the UNSW Aviation Workshop in Sept 2016. I am now ready to start my B. Aviation (Flying) in July 2018.