Student success at kings from aas education consultancy ping hei cheng
Student Success at Kings from AAS Education Consultancy

Ping Hei Cheng

Now studying Medicine at Queen’s University, Belfast (ranked 24 for Medicine) after gaining one A* and three A grades in his A-levels at Kings Oxford.

"I got two As and two As at A-levels. They were As in Maths and Chemistry, and A’s in Physics and Biology. I got the offer very late — it was right before the start of the holidays. I was really excited when I got the offer from this university because it meant I can finally become a doctor and do what I want to do. Being a doctor has always been meaningful for me — they save lives, they diagnose disease and offer treatments to patients, helping them to get back to living healthy lives. Queen’s is one of the most recognised universities in the UK, and it is one of the 15 most beautiful universities in the world! That’s why I chose it. When I was applying for university they asked me to submit a personal statement, explaining what I wanted to study. The teachers at Kings helped me — they gave me ideas when I was struggling and helped me correct my mistakes after I’d finished writing it. They also helped me to call the universities and ask for decisions when I was waiting for offers."

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Acceptance by all top 30 UK universities including University of Cambridge (1), University of Oxford (2), and Imperial College London (3)