學生 Wing Chong 於 2014 年入讀新西蘭中學 Waimea College Year 9,
修讀學科: English, Maths, Japanese, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Hello, my name is Wing and I've been studied in Waimea College since year 9 and I'm year 12 now. Waimea college is a big school and offer a variety option of subjects for students to choose and the equipments for each subject are well provided by the school. All the teachers are very nice and helpful. Now I'm studying English, Math, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Japanese. In Waimea College, there are many students from different countries. It's a great chance to make more friends from overseas and I've made so many friends all over the world now and of course heaps of kiwi friends. Moreover, the international department in Waimea College gives you a fully support on your studying and help you to adapt at school and your homestay family. We can always ask for help to them. Every year we will have a ski trip in the Nelson region which is so much fun and it's a nice experience. The environment in Nelson is very nice and with lots of nature surrounded by, which gives a quiet and peaceful area for you to concentrate on your study. I really enjoy studying here.